Listing Prep: Spring Cleaning

Listing Prep: Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

With Spring just around the corner, many sellers are getting ready to list their home for buyers to come in and take a look-see. If you’ve owned a home, you might remember the time you did a showing for it before it was your own. You probably also remember the other homes you looked at. Some may have been in immaculate and pristine condition, others might of still had the old cat climbing towers in the living room with questionable stains on the carpet. First impressions are powerful ones, and we want to help you convey to potential buyers that your home is the one for them. Below are a few tips to get started for making your house show ready.

Declutter all spaces before starting the deep clean. Throw out any unwanted or unnecessary items and belongings. We know it can be hard for some people to throw out things, but this is a good time to ask yourself if you’re really ever going to wear those old JNCOs again. Consider donating old clothing, unwanted appliances, and non-perishable food items that are hiding in your pantry. If your having a hard time throwing things out, remind yourself that it will make the packing and moving process much easier.

From there, deep clean everything. And we mean everything. Grab a notebook and a pen and do a walkthrough of your home writing down what needs to be done. Pretend you’re a buyer and make note of everything you can think of. Have a friend or family member do the same and compare notes. Things people tend to forget are baseboards, window sills, air vents, and behind appliances. The cleaning doesn’t start and end inside either. Be sure to do the same with the exterior of your home. Clean the outside of windows, pull weeds, inspect doorbells and lighting fixtures. It may be dreading, but a good clearing out of the garage will do you a solid.

Lastly, organize everything neatly. Avoid hiding messes in closets and cabinets. Buyer’s will peek into these spaces as their looking at potential storage. An orderly and clean organization system will signal to buyers that you take care of your home.


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